Jul 06

HOLY FOOLS are coming to St Albans on the Weekend of Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 April 2018

HOLY FOOLS are coming to St Albans on the Weekend of Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 April 2018


We are a group of Christian entertainers, who use their skills in a variety of ways in Churches up and down the UK.

The event will be hosted by Holy Fools chairman, Neil Wilkin and His wife, Hazel (story tellers and clowns) who are members of Ashley Hall Church in St Albans.

Plans confirmed are:

We will be taking part in the Sunday morning Church Service at Ashley Hall Church which begins at 10am on Sunday 22 April 2018.

Anyone is warmly welcome to attend that service.

On the Saturday 21 April, Holy Fools are available to perform a show, with a Christian message as part of outreach. We are looking for a venue to do this. Would your Church be willing to host this – Holy Fools are happy to do this for no charge as we are already in the area. Your Church may like to make a small charge to cover your costs or even to cover your Church’s cause. Or if desired to make a donation towards Holy Fools. suitable for all ages it would be a family orientated show.

We could offer workshops on the Saturday afternoon or evening, these would be mainly circus/clowning skills, such as juggling, plate spinning etc. but could include story telling or simple origami. Suitable for age 7+ again, adults welcome.

If you would like to know more please contact Neil Wilkin or Hazel on 01727 830009 or email jesterjim.gym@gmail.com