Jul 06

The Holy Fools AGM 2017 – 6th-8th October in Weymouth! Click to read more!

Holy Fools AGM 2017

The AGM this year will be at Weymouth, on 6-8 October.

It is hoped people will arrive on the Friday early evening or earlier so we can eat together before doing events in the churches Friday evening (Daphne is arranging)

More details about the weekend to follow but if you would like to offer to run a workshop on the Friday evening or Saturday afternoon

or lead prayers on Friday night, Saturday morning and evening and before we depart on Sunday (one or all of these please let Jester Jim know).

We have had enquiries from two potential new members, who we will be inviting to the AGM as well as all current members, so please make it a good one which will encourage them to learn from you and to want to become members.

We are informed by Daphne (Flutterby) that the Premier Inn is quite close to the venue compared to the distance from last year’s AGM, Daphne tells me she can walk from there in 15 minutes.¬†they are reasonably priced and we would encourage you to make your booking with them direct for yourself.

Look forward to seeing you there. More details to follow

Jester Jim