The Pencil, by Neil Wilkin

A pencil has five qualities which if a person tries to follow them,  they will be closer to the way God wants them to be.

The first one is that like the pencil we are capable of great things but we must never forget who is guiding our steps.  For the pencil it is you.  

The second one, on occasion we may stop writing to use a sharpener this makes the pencil suffer but afterwards it is much sharper.  So we must learn to bear pain, misfortune and sorrows.  This will make us a better person shaped by God. like the pencil but this can shape our lives.

The third quality in this pencil is its rubber which allows us to rub out any mistakes.  This means that correcting is not always a bad thing, it helps us keep on the right path.

The fourth quality in this pencil is that it isn’t the wooden outside but the graphite inside which is important.  For us it is not what people see of us on the outside that is important but what is in our hearts.

The fifth quality in this pencil is that it always leaves a mark.  As in our lives everything we do will leave a mark, so try to think about your actions before you do them, so that the marks you make aren’t  hurtful.

So you see a pencil is a good reminder about how we should live letting Jesus guide us and shape us.  Asking him to forgive us and so rub out our mistakes.  We should learn to love him in our heart as well as our head.