Using Flags

worshiping hand on blue

Image by magbug via Flickr

  • Why use Flags in worship?

    • They are a visual way of expressing our faith in God, enhance praise and worship, minister healing, and demonstrates God is honoured
  • Where can I use a flag?

    • In church, but make sure you have permission of the leadership
    • Pray for God’s anointing on your dance.
    • Make sure there is room to use them at the back of the church, only go to the front if you are invited.
    • Be sensitive to other people in the congregation.
    • When not using the flags, put them away or out of reach of children.
  • Can I dance with other people?

    • Yes, but in church this is better to be rehearsed/choreographed before hand, with the other dancers.
  • What do the colours of the flag represent?

    • Gold :     Majesty, Kingship.
    • Silver :    Gods gift, Holy Spirit.
    • Red:        Salvation.
    • Green:    Healing, New life
    • Purple:    Majesty
    • Blue:        Heaven, Water
    • Orange:    Fire, Power (i.e.: Holy Spirit)
  • How do I use a flag.?

    • Most of the dance actions are created from the main shape of a large figure 8, and while trying this out remember to keep your flag/sail at all times off the floor, and away from other people.
    • Always warm up before using a flag, and if possible try out your flag in the space you will be dancing in.
  • How do you make a flag or can they be bought?

    • Some dance teachers do make and sell flags, like Andy or Marie Bensley.
    • For me I made my own. This can be done by buying garden cane or dowel. Then cut to the size of pole you require.
    • For material, I started out with curtain lining (it needs to be very light), and doesn’t need normally a hem on every edge.
    • To attach the material to the pole, fold over a hem, push the pole through, stitch to hold in place and at the finished ends, secure with sticky fitters or double sided tape.
    • Your pole should be 25 cm’s longer than the length of the flag.
  • Choice of song to dance to?

    • Be open to God’s leading in free dance.
    • In choreography you could use “My Jesus my Savior” (Hillsongs) or “We want to see Jesus Lifted High” by Doug Horley.

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